We suggest all candidates to carefully read the detailed instructions available here. Students with an foreign academic title need to pass a pre-selection process which can be completed on-line through the Sapienza pre-selection platform. You first need to register to the online pre-selection platform then, once obtained your login and password, submit the online pre-selection application form.
Here we provide a synthetic description of requirements to enrol in the Statistical Methods and Applications Master programme:
Academic background: at least an undergraduate (Bachelor) degree with a solid foundation in Calculus, Probability and Statistics, some computing skills and basic knowledge of programming. The academic background of international students (EU and non EU) is assessed by a Prospective Student Selection Committee based on the documentation provided by the student (see below). The Committee may also request an interview with the prospective student via Skype or other services. Italian candidates holding a Bachelor Degree in Statistics or Actuarial Sciences (Italian Laurea Degree L-41, Statistics) are automatically accepted. Candidates possessing other types of Italian Laurea Degree with at least 60 ECTS in the subject areas corresponding to the Ministerial Scientific Sectors labelled as MAT/*, INF/01 FIS/01, FIS/02, FIS/07 ING-IND/35, ING-INF/05 M-PSI/03 SECS-S/, SECS-P/ are automatically accepted.
See also this page of tips describing which features of the candidates are seeked for by the SMA Admission Committee.
English language skills: The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) English Language proficiency certification. Note that certified minimum level B2 (within Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) or equivalent is required. English language level can be also ascertained during the preliminary remote (Skype) interview.
Documentation: the following general documents about the university background of the candidate must be submitted:
– a transcript of records (list of exams, with material covered and grades obtained) [mandatory]
– B.Sc. diploma (when already available)
The following documents, although not stricly required, may constitute a positive element in the evaluation for admission to the SMA programme:
up to two recommendation letters
a motivation letter

If the advisor/professor supporting the candidate prefers to submit personally his/her recommendation letter, it is possible to send it using the general administration email address: The letter will be made available exclusively to the Master Programme Director and to the members of the Admission Board.