For general information of pre-enrolment procedures please go to the Sapienza pre-selection portal. We suggest you to carefully read the instructions. NOTE the deadline for pre-application of NON EU candidatates. It is possible to require first the Student Login Code & submit the online pre-selection application form. For further questions you can send an email to

• Administration & admission procedures:

You can also address more specific questions about the program to:

• Prof. Massimo Franchi [Master Program Chair]:
• Prof. Stefano Fachin [QE curriculum]:
• Prof. Giovanna Jona Lasinio [OS curriculum]:
• Prof. Maria Brigida Ferraro [DA curriculum]:

If you are a professor and prefer to submit personally your recommendation letter please use the general administration email address: Your letter will be made available exclusively to Master Programme Director and to the members of the Admission Board.

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