Study plan

Enrolled students must submit their study plan through the INFOSTUD system before proceeding to book exams. Detailed instructions can be found here.

You can opt for the study plan curriculum (i.e. path) which is best suited for you. The available options are:

  • DA (Data Analyst curriculum)
  • OS (Official Statistics curriculum)
  • QE (Quantitative Economics curriculum)

There are some limited degrees of freedom for the final list of exams in you  study plan. In fact some exams are mandatory. Some are elective and can be chosen in a restricted list. Few exams have almost no restriction. Students can also opt for individual study plan. In any case your study plan is subject to the approval of the study program chair.

Please note that sometimes the teaching module whose acronym is AAF, also named as "Comlementary activities", is not a standard course but a module to earn credits with supplementary work. For example, suppose your plan has a compulsory 6 credit course and you want to earn 3 credit extra on that subject doing some extra work (agreed with the teacher). Then you would use that teaching module starting with AAF for the extra 3 credits. It is not compulsory to include it in your study plan. It simply adds some extra flexibility to the study plan.

You can download a pdf table for each curriculum to better understand how you can set up your final study plan.

Data Analyst Official Statistics Quantitative Economics