Official Statistics

Curriculum: "Official Statistics" [OS]

This path of the study plan (curriculum) aims at forming experts in those methodologies which are related to the construction and exploitation of official statistics: data quality, multivariate statistical techniques and advanced statistical modelling for constructions of composite indicators, statistical evaluation of policy making, big data for official statistics, integrated geo-spatial data modelling. In this path there is a mandatory internship hosted at national and international official statistics institutions like NSIs (National Statistical Institutes) and International organizations. The internship contributes to provide a suitable mix of skills and knowledge. The master thesis project is expected to address issues related to planning, developing or implementing official statistics.

The student completing this path will be compliant with the European Master in Official Statistics (EMOS) label, an initiative launched by Eurostat and the European Statistical System (ESS) in 2014 to connect producers of official statistics and academia at European level.

Study plan for OS curriculum